Who is Reflexzone Therapy for?

Reflexzone Therapy is suitable for:
• Adults
• Children
• Babies from 4 weeks

Where can Reflexzone Therapy contribute?
• Works deeply relaxing
• Can relieve pain
• Resolves blockages in the body
• Stimulates the self-healing ability of the body
• Increases the resistance
• Helps the body and mind to come into balance

Has a positive influence on:
• Nervous system,
• Lymph system
• Hormonal system

Ensures better waste disposal and better absorption of nutrients.

In addition:
Does reflexology have a positive influence on the quality of life in:
• Dislexion
• Various forms of autism
• High sensitivity

And last but not least:
Helps reflexology:
• To recover after an operation
When dealing with traumas or stress-related experiences such as:
• Divorce
• Loss of dear person,
• Loss of job.