What our clients say:

Margreet de Boer:

I think foot reflexology is already relaxing to undergo anyway. All things that Renee feels are also correct with my complaints. And wonderful that she felt something and asked if I had problems with my shoulder. And that’s what I have been doing for a long time! The treatments have contributed positively to the reduction of pain and stress. In addition, I also feel much fitter. And that in only 5 treatments. I can recommend this type of therapy to everyone!

Annabel de Jong:

After my divorce, my 5-year-old son had a hard time on the changeover days from Dad to Mom. Via via I heard about the practice of Renee and child coaching sessions and I contacted. After 3 sessions we saw a big change with our son, he became much calmer, had less stomach ache, and was not so intensely sad when changing. In addition, I also benefited greatly from her therapy in the field of processing the divorce.

Anja Groen:

When I lost my job at the age of 45, I quickly came into a downward spiral. I had gained 20 kilos in a few months. I realized that I had to do something. At the gym I met someone who had benefited greatly from Radius Reflex foot reflex therapy. I did not know that reflexology could also help with weight loss!

Dirk-Jan Verhoef:

Because of my standing profession, I often have pain in my feet and legs. I now go to Renee regularly for a relaxing foot reflex massage.