Practice for Eastern and Western Naturopathy and Reflexzone Therapy

Who is Renee?

My goal in life is to help people where I can to help them stay  in good health, both on a physical and emotional level. I see it as a privilege to help people heal themselves and to remove any blockages in the body.

From my background as a beauty specialist, sports and relaxation massage, I started to focus on the total wellbeing of people through Reflexzone Therapy, after years of working in commercial positions. I graduated as a foot reflex therapist according to the traditional Western method (Eunice Inham, Hanne Marqard). After that I followed the 3-year HBO level education for Eastern and Western Naturopathy and Reflexzone Therapy via Total Health (Certified by SNRO.) And expanded with the Medical Basic Knowledge course, also HBO.

My specializations:
  • Children and baby’s (from 8 weeks)
  • ADHD / ADD / Dislexy / Autism (in children and adults)
  • (chronic) headache, skin complaints, (chronic) fatigue,
  • High sensitivity.
  • Therapeutic support for loss or illness of a loved one, loss of job or divorce.
Additional education:
  • Food according to Chinese 5 elements
  • ADHD / ADD / Dislexion / Autism
  • Oncology (first aid for cancer, nutrition for cancer)
  • Tuina for sleep problems
  • Essential oils
  • Gemstone therapy
In addition to my work as a therapist, I am a lecturer in training at Total Health Academy.