What is Reflexzone Therapy?

Refleflexzone Therapy is a natural healing method that assumes that the entire body, including your emotional and spiritual state of mind, can be found in the reflex zones, on the feet and hands. By stimulating these reflex points via  Eastern and Western massage techniques, blood circulation, lymph and energy flow is stimulated and body waste products are removed faster. By resolving the blockages in the body, the energy can flow freely again. Vitality increases and body and mind relax. Stress, problems or emotions can eventually result  in physical complaints.

What our clients say:

Rolf de Bruin:
For years I have suffered from a cricket-like whistling in my right ear. (Tinnitus) Through my doctor I finally ended up with Renee. After 5 treatments I noticed that the sound was less present and stayed away longer and longer. Only with the Flu it gets worse. That is why I am now under treatment to strengthen my immune system. A nice side effect is that I feel much better and that my stool is more regular.

Annabel de Jong:
After my divorce, my 5-year-old son had a hard time on the changeover days from Dad to Mom. Via via I heard about the practice of Renee and child coaching sessions and I contacted her. After 3 sessions we saw a big change with our son, he became much calmer, had less stomach ache, and was not so intensely sad when changing. In addition, I also benefited greatly from her therapy in the field of processing the divorce.

Anja Groen:
When I lost my job at the age of 45, I quickly came into a downward spiral. I had gained 20 kilos in a few months. I realized that I had to do something. At the gym I met someone who benefited greatly from RadiusReflex reflex zone therapy. I did not know that reflexology could also help with weight loss!

Carla Duyvenbode:
My doctor said that I had to learn to live with the complaints caused by Fibromyalgia. Via via I heard about reflex zone therapy. I have started treatment at Renee and I notice that I feel less exhausted now. In the morning I have less “start-up problems”. In addition, I received dietary advice.

Evelien Kooistra:
Because of my profession in health care, I often have pain in my back. I now regularly go to Renee for a reflexology treatment. I feel fitter and have less back problems.

Marcel Krul:
I have a lot of pain because of my rheumatism. Especially in my hands and knees. Because of Renee’s reflexology treatments, I feel a lot better and have less pain.

Judith van Bommel:
After the death of my best friend, I got more and more vague complaints. I came to Renee and during the therapy I made the link to the sadness of that loss. She helped me to live through my grieving process and give it a place.