Terms and Conditions

These general terms and conditions apply to all services and products provided by therapist Renee Radius-Smit of RadiusReflex, Practice for Eastern and Western Naturopathy and Reflexology.


By entering into a treatment or purchasing products, the client indicates that he / she agrees with the delivery and payment conditions.

RadiusReflex reserves the right to change its delivery and / or payment conditions. And when it makes use of this right, it will be published on the website and in the practice that changes have taken place.

At the first appointment, the client receives verbal and / or written information about working methods, files, privacy and COVID protocols.

To get the treatments reimbursed by the health insurer, bring your ID and your health insurance card with you during your first visit.


Prices of the treatments are listed on the RadiusReflex website and can be viewed in the practice room.

Payment of a treatment can be done directly in cash, via a tap or payment request, or by bank transfer within 14 days. The client receives an invoice that he / she can declare himself / herself with his / her health insurer. (Most health insurers reimburse all or part of the treatment, depending on your additional insurance. Reimbursement does not affect your deductible) You do not need a referral from your general practitioner.

Agreements that are not fulfilled without consultation can be charged in full.

Canceling or rescheduling an appointment is free of charge up to 24 hours before the agreed time. In case of cancellation within 24 hours before the agreed time, 50% of the costs may be charged.

If you arrive late for the appointment, this will be deducted from the treatment time.


The treatment relates to the request for help and treatment goals put forward by the client. Before the first reflex zone treatment, the client is informed by the therapist about the expected effects and reactions during and after the treatment.


The client undertakes to provide all relevant information to the therapist. Any possible adverse consequences arising from the incorrect and / or incomplete provision of medical information, whether or not present in the files of doctors and / or other practitioners, are the responsibility of the client. It is advisable for the client to inform the GP about the complementary treatment plan and to give the therapist permission to contact the GP if necessary.


Reflex zone therapy is ideally suited to function alongside regular health care and not instead of it. The treatments can make a positive contribution to supporting the health and well-being of the client, also in the case of incurable diseases such as cancer. The RadiusReflex Therapist is affiliated with a network of specially trained and accredited oncology reflex zone therapists.

Reflex zone therapy is possible during and after a regular treatment process.


Prescribed medication may never be changed or omitted entirely without consultation with a general practitioner and / or specialist. When in doubt, in whatever form, the therapist will refer you to a specialist or general practitioner.


The therapist adheres to her duty of confidentiality with regard to personal data as stipulated in the AVG (General Data Protection Regulation).

The therapist keeps a record of notes from the sessions and other relevant documents, which can be viewed, modified or deleted by the client upon request.

Client data will only be passed on or communicated to third parties (doctors and other therapists) with his explicit consent.


The therapist is not allowed to perform treatments without the client’s consent. For the treatment of minors, a written agreement, by means of a signed statement from (one of) both parents / guardian is required.


Termination of the treatments can be done by mutual consent at any time. If the client no longer appreciates the continuation of a treatment process, the client can unilaterally terminate the process under his own responsibility. The therapist can also stop treatment at any time or refer the client to a doctor or colleague naturopathic therapist.

Replacement scheme

During illness or vacation of the therapist, a replacement practitioner can be nominated in consultation with the client.

Complaints procedure and regulations

The therapist makes every effort to treat clients therapeutically with the utmost integrity. The therapist is affiliated with the professional association FAGT (Federation for Additive Medicine Therapists). The therapist is obliged to adhere to the regulations of the FAGT. These regulations can be found on the website of the FAGT, www.fagt.org. As a FAGT registered therapist, Renee Radius is required by the WKKGZ Act to be affiliated with an independent complaints officer via Quasir and the Healthcare Dispute Disputes Body, which is recognized by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport. In addition, therapist Renee Radius is registered in the TCZ / RBCZ register, where disciplinary law is organized. (see website of RadiusReflex)

The client is and always remains responsible for his or her health. The client acts like a guest; he / she adheres to the rules of the hostess (the therapist). Smoking is prohibited in the waiting room and the practice room. No alcohol is consumed. RadiusReflex is not liable for any adverse consequences that may arise because the client has provided incorrect or incomplete information, or because the client has not provided information that is known and available to him in the medical files of a doctor / specialist or other practitioner. RadiusReflex is not liable for damage caused to property of the client by parking on or entering the site at Medisch Centrum Melkweg at Melkweg 2 in Amstelveen nor for other damage caused by entering the practice, the hall and using the toilet.


Because the Coronavirus is still active, the professional organization has drawn up certain rules for your and our safety. You are expected to read and respect them. I plan my appointments in such a way that the number of clients in the waiting room is kept to a minimum; In the waiting area, the chairs are arranged in such a way that you are always at least 1.5 meters away from fellow patients, should they still be there. There is enough space to pass each other. Be on time, but not too early; The toilet is temporarily unusable (exceptions in consultation); Come alone as much as possible, leave your partner at home. One of the parents can of course come with their child (up to 16 years); Take as few things as possible with you and put your essentials away in your bag or jacket pocket; Before and after the treatment I wash my hands and forearms with disinfectant soap; Contact points such as the door handles, doorbell and armrests of the chairs are cleaned after each client. You touch as little as possible in practice; The conversation between us takes place 1.5 meters away; Where necessary and possible I give instructions and exercises at a minimum distance of 1.5 meters and physical contact is kept to a minimum; with the exception of the reflex zone therapy treatment; If you feel anxious about coming, a telephone or video consultation is also possible. I will then keep a finger on the pulse from a distance and give you instructions or exercises. These consultations are (temporarily) invoiced in accordance with the requirements of the health insurer and count towards your total number of reimbursements; When making the appointment I ask a number of questions (Triage) so that I know whether treatment is safe and even just before the actual appointment I do this to check whether anything has changed; Stay at home if you or any of your family have symptoms of a cold, fever or flu-like symptoms. You are expected to cancel your appointment or contact me to discuss this. Until further notice, these cancellations, regardless of whether they are timely, will not be charged to you.

Therapist Renee Radius of RadiusReflex, will observe all guidelines and precautions regarding the prevention of the spread of COVID-19. Protocols are available for inspection in practice.

Radius Reflex can therefore not be held responsible for the possible contraction of the Corona Virus and its consequences.